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6 Responses to Sightings

  1. Mark Robinson

    I had no idea that otters grew to the huge size of the one I saw near Rietvlei Education Centre last week. I had thought that they were small creatures of a body size around750 / 800mm long. Not this one – 3 times that size. What a privilege to have seen it.

    Mark – Friends of Rietvlei

  2. Cecelle Ebsworth

    Sunday 1st April.
    Just after the rain the other morning with the beach ‘washed’ by the rain and not many footprints around I saw the spoor of three otters and next to it another two, ( 5 in total) from the surf to the area above the beach just below the car park at Scarborough beach.

  3. Kevin

    As far as Greonriviersmond all around the coast to as far Kruger and then Mozambique and Malawi.
    Listen for the night sounds whistling and their tell tale scat.

  4. Steve de Witt

    An adult Cape Clawless otter ran across the empty Scarborough beach parking area this afternoon at about 6.30pm, heading for the stream. My German Shepherd ran after it but I quickly stopped him. The interesting thing is that the two animals were similar in size, except the otter was shorter having smaller legs. I had no idea the Cape Otter grew that large. It’s tail was especially long and thick, and its paws very large. A great sighting.

  5. Patty Fennell

    6-7 otters sighted on Chapman’s Peak Drive (of all places) 10:30pm. Submitted particulars.

  6. Jonty Medcalf

    My first sea otter sighting in Graaf’s Tidal Pool along Sea Point Promenade – aweosme early morning run sighting :)

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